Friday, July 03, 2009

My New Weight Loss Lifestyle

I joined SparkPeople a couple weeks ago with the goal of being able to track what I'm actually eating and to find a place where I can find other people to help me be accountable to. Sigh.

I have been doing the Spark People thing for over two weeks now. I have cut my calories by an average of 400 a day. I have had 3 glasses of mountain dew during that time when normally I had 3 glassses a day, and I excercised 10 of those days, where normally I would have excercised 2 days. I have worn a path from my desk at work to the bathroom from all the water I drink. I started out at 156.6 pounds. This morning I weighed 156.6 pounds. That is what I call depressing. I'm giving up a lot of things I enjoy and doing things I don't enjoy with nothing to show for it. It's enough to make a girl cry. Sure, I know some of the meds I'm on make it difficult to lose weight, and I wasn't expecting to drop 2 pounds a week, but maybe a half pound a week? Please? I'll go cry now. Then I'll go do some fabric retail therapy and then hit the gym on the way home.