Monday, June 25, 2007

Too Darn Hot

ugh. it's been in the 90s for what seems like forever. Actually it's been only a few days. I can not bear heat. Anything over 75 and I die. Last night when I went to bed a little after midnight it was still 85. Don't you just love that sheets-sticking-to-you feeling? This morning even taking a shower didn't help me feel fresh. And right now I'm at work, sweltering, because it takes a couple hours for air conditioning to kick in on Monday morning.

It's not that I want winter back. Really. I like not having to bundle up or driving on ice or shoveling snow. I would just like to feel comfortable enough to be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Off to try to get some work done.

Anyone know how to get sweat off a keyboard?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Works in Progress

So, I'm not getting much of anywhere on my various projects... Actually, that's not true. I have gotten past the color work on Typhaine's Moon & Stars socks and have started the heel. It will be good to have these done. Although she won't need these until November at least.

I have decided to give up on the stitch markers I ordered for my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap partner and will make some simple ones today so I can get the package out tonight. They'll probably come in the mail tomorrow.

I haven't touched the baby cable socks I started for myself in April. They are still in the same spot they were. This is the Koigu yarn that the Loopy Ladies bought me as a thank you for teaching knitting. It's hard to see the pattern from this pic, but it's from Sensational Knitted Socks, which I believe is one of the best sock books ever written, and though the sequel is good, I prefer the original.

And there's the black and fancy fur purse that I'm going to felt as a Christmas present for a friend. This is the project that I bring with me to the Loopy Ladies Knitting Circle meetings because it is mindless stockinette stitch. That way I can talk and knit at the same time. I'm hoping it will look nicer after it's felted...

I got an MP3 player but didn't want to pay the extra $30 for the little leather case. I examined it and decided that I could knit one for free, since I had plenty of little odd balls. Well... This little thing has taken way too much of my time. All I have left now is to sew velcro to it to keep the protective flap over it and sew the elastic arm band andthen I am done. And I'm not ever making another one! Danged if the $30.00 wouldn't have been worth it after all.

Lastly, I'm just beginning to make the Byzantine tunic Sir Tom requested for his newest squire Lord Andronicus. I went through my fabric stash and found a very nice oatmeal colored linen with a nifty herringbone twill weave for the base of the tunic and a great green/blue shot linen for rondels, segmentae, etc. It is also in a herringbone twill weave. It is actually a lot darker than the pricture shows it. I made my friend Hrodir a pair of pants from it. So if they ever stand together they will match. Also I have a really great green and gold trim that will match really well. So I'm set to get that cut out and sewed. Sir Tom plans to present it at WW, so I don't have that much time to get it done.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Harry Potter Trivia

Who said:

"Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies."

This was a tough one! At first I thought it was Dumbledore who said this. A friend suggested Lupin, and I thought that was it. Remember after Harry saw a vision of his dad and Sirius being mean to Snape? I remember that Lupin had said something rather wise to Harry then. But no. This was said by...


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day dreamin'...

I've been day dreaming about handsome men lately. Here's a few of my favorites.