Monday, June 28, 2010

Moorish Tavern

This weekend I went to a mini war in northwestern Northshield called Moorish Tavern. It is an annual event, aways held at the same campground near the Canadian border. There are battles, and feasting, and singing. And there is often rain, was was the case this year. There was a brief but furious downpour, with 40 mile an hour winds. Some tents were tested, and some were swamped, but none fell.

In addition to the usual fighting in armor with swords and shields, there was also a rapier tournament to determine who would have the honor of wearing the Princess' Sleeve. The level of swords(wo)manship was outstanding. Sadly, in the final bout an accident occurred, resulting in Lord Marcus being rushed to the hospital with a dislocated knee. It must have been unbelievably painful, but he returned in a few hours on crutches and showed such high spirits and chivalry that the Princess named both he and Dona Margolit (his opponent during the final bout) as co-holders of the sleeve. She carefully cut it down the middle and gave half to each.

I was very excited to see Sir Yngvar, an old friend.

Also, there is a lady whom I love as a dear sister and friend, the honroable lady Eabblean of Castel Rouge. She is generous to a fault, always making garb and giving gifts to her friends. So about a dozen of us got together and planned to make her some garb she has always wanted: an Elizabethan loose gown over a kirtle with all the appropriate jewelry, foot wear and head gear. She cried. We were all very pleased with ourselves for that. *smirk*

It was a wonderful weekend. I applied bug juice religiously, but it must have been wiped off my feet by wet grass, because my feet look like smallpox victims. Yikes!

Lady Asny was pleased to approve the socks I am making her. Turns out they are a teeny bit narrow, but she was able to get them on. So iwill continue to work on those and plan to give them to her at 12th Nite. I had a great time!