Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Autumn Carolinas Finished!

Look! I finished the socks for Mairghread! Ain't they great? Made of Cashmere and Merino Wool from JoJoland called Quartette. So soft and snuggly that I want a pair for myself. The pattern is from Socktopia. It's called Carolina, the last Queen of Naples (long name for a fun and easy pattern than makes waves. The colors are very autumn-ish, and the zigzags make me think of falling leaves spinning around in the wind) These are in gratitude for the time I went to Fina's house exhausted and crabby and the minute i walked in the door there was Mai, jumping up from her comfy place on the floor pillow to make me my favorite non alcoholic Cosmopolitan. These will be off to her soon, just in time for cold Minnesota winter weather.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Whole, Glorious Week Off

I am off of work this week. Happy Sigh. I have my time off all planned out. I'll start each morning with hot coffee and a scone and an hour of leisurely knitting.

Monday I am going to clean my apartment and then meet friends to check out the new yarn store in Fargo. I'll go through my fabric stash to find just the right stuff for my new Italian Renaissance dress. Something fairly casual, not court fancy. I wonder how much of that blue linen I have? In the evening I'll hug the kitties and watch all my favorite shows.

Tuesday I have to vacate my apartment while they spray so I'm off to the library, the coffee shop and mom's house, knitting in tow. Maybe read a book? I'll spend the evening finding out which other wonderful dancer they'll kick off of Dancing With the Stars and petting the kitties.

Wednesday I plan to cut out and begin sewing the plain Italian Renn dress. In the afternnon I'm meeting friends to knit. Then we're having a special service at church that I really want to go to. 6 people are being baptised, including my friend Callie. I really wish my SCA meeting wasn't on Wednesday nights too. But in this case there is no contest. I'm going to church. After I get home I'll set the logwood and Brazilwood to soaking. Then I'll play with the cats.

Thursday I'm dyeing some wool fleece with the brazilwood and logwood dyes. First I have to go thru my fiber stash to see what odds and ends I can throw in the dye pots besides the fleece from that poor sheep I butchered trying to shear it last spring. I thought I'd toss in some silk and some cotton too, to see how the color differs. But I'm not sure I have enough tannin to mordant the cotton. Then I'll work some more on the Italian Ren dress. And in the evening I'll chase the cats around.

Friday is set aside for making another chemise to go with the Italian Ren dress. By the time all that's done I'll need to clean the apartment again. Maybe I can sit and read a book. And cuddle with the kitties, of course.
I wonder how closely I'll stick to that schedule?