Sunday, June 07, 2009

Silks, Needles & More Report

The event was excellent!

We had 19 classes on all types of fibery goodness, from spinning, to period knitted stockings, to goldwork to bobbin lace. What an incredibly fun and educational day!

Those who were between classes sat in the common room and worked on projects while chatting.

The A&S competition was marvellous. So many entries in such a diverse range of techniques! The over all winner was Baroness Saraidh with her wonderful hand woven velvet and a close second was Lady Isobel with the intricately embroidered collar and cuffs. Her Highess Princess Elizabeth also selected an entry to honor. I just kept going over to the A&S tables to drool over the entries. They were all so good!

A gentle of our Shire hand crafted a card weaving loom to be raffled off. All proceeds will be donated to the Kingdom Endowment Fund. I'm not sure of the exact amount raised, but I believe it was a little over $30.00. We also had a jar at Troll for anyone who wanted to donate to the Fund.

Lunch was yummy. Chicken and barley soup was perfect for a cold wet day.

All in all, I think it was a great event. We'll probably do it again in 2011.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silks, Needles & More

The event is just a couple days away! 19 classes on knitting, spinning, embroidery and weaving will be held in Fargo on Saturday. I had intended to put together a local sort of event on embroidery with maybe 5-6 classes for two or three SCA groups in the area to get together for. It's such a specialized sort of thing that I thought we'd have maybe 30 people tops. Just to be polite I did make an announcement on the Kingdom listserv. Next thing I know, I've got respected experts offering to drive 500 miles to teach at the event. Wow! It's gonna be lots of fun. The hard thing is we'll have 5 classes going at a time, so I won't get to go to all the classes I want. Go to the shire website and click on the Silks, Needles & More graphic to see the class list and schedule.