Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Silks, Needles & More

The event is just a couple days away! 19 classes on knitting, spinning, embroidery and weaving will be held in Fargo on Saturday. I had intended to put together a local sort of event on embroidery with maybe 5-6 classes for two or three SCA groups in the area to get together for. It's such a specialized sort of thing that I thought we'd have maybe 30 people tops. Just to be polite I did make an announcement on the Kingdom listserv. Next thing I know, I've got respected experts offering to drive 500 miles to teach at the event. Wow! It's gonna be lots of fun. The hard thing is we'll have 5 classes going at a time, so I won't get to go to all the classes I want. Go to the shire website and click on the Silks, Needles & More graphic to see the class list and schedule.

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