Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moorish Tavern

I had a marvelous weekend at Moorish Tavern. I brought along my knitting and completed two whole rows on Typhaine's socks. Most of the time I was too busy strolling around the period encampments, or chatting with friends, or watching sweaty people work at the forge, or helping out at the water point for the fighters. Lady Rosele put a beautiful henna design on my hands. She offered to do it for free, since she wants to build up a portfolio so she can go to large events and charge for doing it. But I tucked a couple dollars into her basket, and so did some other people.

I love henna. Of course, when I got to work on Monday morning at 7 am I had a voice mail from HR telling me I had an interview for the PA position I had applied for that morning at 8am. Hm. Wish I would have known that before I put on a pair of capri pants and a T-shirt... And of course I had to explain about the henna to them, which led to a discussion of the SCA. It helped to break the ice, but I'm not sure it did my job search any good.

I wore my new Viking apron dress for the day on Saturday and found out that the two front panels were too narrow. So I guess this coming weekend I'll be sewing a new one. Darn. I just finished the Byzantine tunic for Andronikus today (it looks really good, by the way. Wish I would have taken a picture before sending it off with Hrodir)and I was sort of looking forward to not having to sew for the SCA for a little while. But we have the Viking demo on July 21--Yes, the same day the last Harry Potter comes out. Oh, the pain. I'm giving my old dress to a new lady in our shire, whose father is a wood turner and is going to make me another spindle in exchange. Good deal, I say.


Daye said...

thanks babe! i wish I coulda been walking around with you--how was the fighting?

chez maddy said...

Great! It was a good event and the Avacalian fighters were very high caliber Hrodir said, even tho Northshield took all the war points.