Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn Carolina

I just LOVE this knitting pattern. It looks so intricate, but it's so easy! This is from the Socktopia page, and the pattern is called Carolina, the last Queen of Naples. I'm using JoJoLand Quartette, a merino and cashmere blend, and boy, can you say soft? These are yummy! I hope to have these done by the end of the month. But I have signed up for yet another project which will demand overtime. I'm not going crazy this time. I'm limiting myself to only 4-5 hours a week. And only one saturday a month. I won;t be beginning this until next week. This morning at work I started having a scratchy throat and a headache. When I got home I took my temperature and it's up a little over 100. So I'm cancelling my plans to attend the japanese event in Minneapolis and will stay home and rest. Fortunately I'm not too sick to be able to knit.

Oh, and hey, look! Masuka and Magic are getting along pretty well now!

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rita said...

love those colors!