Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Update

It has been a while since I posted so I thought I should do an update.

I have finished plying the three bobbins of the white mystery wool. I intend this to be for my Einstein Coat. I have 310 yards of three ply aran weight completed. That means I am a quarter of the way done with that. My knitting group the Loopy Ladies are having a dying day in October. I had hoped to have it all spun by then, but I seriously doubt it. Spinning just plain white wool is not exciting. So I'm taking a little break and will spin some of the hand dyed silk tussah. Not sure what to do with it yet. Maybe one ply silk, one ply wool for a shawl?

I am currently working on
*a pair of socks for a friend for 12th Nite
*a skirt for me out of Amaizing, the corn silk ribbon yarn
*the Guild Mystery Shawl Knit-A-Long
*a top down raglan sweater for me
I just completed the
*Quincy hat for a friend
*dishcloth for the 12 Dancing Dishcloths Swap

Health: I have had a headache for about 4 weeks now. I made an eye appointment and found out that my right eye has gotten much worse. So that could be it. I saw a chiropractor and was told that the muscles in my neck and upper shoulders were very tense. Could be the eye strain, could be that I clench my teeth at night, could becould be a number of things. The only significant change in my life around that time is that I started dieting seriously. The doc might have been joking when she said to add a little chocolate to my diet but I am taking that seriously. Also got a massaging shower head and will use it daily. The headache was especially bad this morning so I'm staying home from church. Feel bad about it as I am one of the counters for the church offering this month. But counting is hard when you can't see straight.

Dieting: Well, that is going so-so. I am down to 153.6 as of last Monday. I won't get on the scale again until tomorrow. I suspect I've gone up as I haven't been excersising lately aside from the sewing room re-organization.

Other: Sewing Room - I have been slowly going through every thing I own that is stored in the sewing/guest room and making piles of what I will give to friends, what will be given to the Salvation Army, what can be kept and what will be thrown away. That includes jewelry making supplies, garb, magazines and patterns, scrapbooking, quilting, embroidery, dying, spinning... It is a complete mess in there right now, but by the time Coronatin and crashers come around I'll have a nice tidy room for them with a futon.
Card Weaving Class - I didn't get to teach it, but Guilianna and Asny did and it sounds like it went great. It makes me want to warp up my loom right now and start a new project. Maybe trim for that green tunic?
Furniture Shuffle - I have been given a single size futon for the sewing room. So I want to throw the living room couch away and move the sofa sleeper to the livingroom. Then I can have a single person in the sewing room and a couple in the livingroom. And I bought a nice sewing table online. So the humongous table I have now can be put in the trash.

So there's my update. Probably more than you needed to know about me. :)


Anonymous said...

Hope the headache gets better! Let us know if you need help with anything!


Anonymous said...

How can I get the pattern for this Green Hat. I love it. It is ME!!

Anonymous said...

How can I get the pattern for this green hat. I love it. It is ME!

my email is