Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bitten By the Hat Designing Bug

Boy, I love hats. 50 years ago a woman didn't leave the house without a hat. My grandmother always wore a hat, the larger and fussier the better. I'm not so much in favor of large fussy hats (being only 5'1", a large hat would look a bit silly.) But today hats have pretty much gone by the wayside. Those of us in the frozen north wear winter hats outdoors to keep warm. But they are not very elegant. Many are attractive, some are cute, but not a lot of them are stylishly elegant.

Now, I'm not a trained designer, but how much goes into a hat anyway? It's basically a short tube, with one end open and the other closed. I can do that. And I will do that. My first adult hat, the Lady Jodie hat, is being well received on Ravelry, so I think I'm going to try a few more. I plan to name all my hats after ladies in my local knitting group. I don't think I'll be designing enough hats for everyone to have a design named after them so I'll draw names.

I'm pretty excited about this new project. Too bad it came up when I could be knitting Christmas gifts. :)

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