Saturday, March 31, 2007


I came home from work last Friday and immediately went to the patio door to let some fresh air in. Sitting there on my patio was something I had long wanted for my kitties: a kitty condo. Or whatever they are called. It's a carpeted set of shapes and shelves that cats can play on and sleep on. They are not cheap though, and my money always has other places to go. So I never really expected to be able to have one unless I collected some carpet scraps and PVC piping and tried to make one myself. Since my forte lies in needlecraft and fiber type stuff, I would probably not make a kitty condo. My creation would probably end up a cross between the leaning Tower of Pisa and a medieval ruin. So, sorry, babies, no condo for you.

But there it was. An anonymous offering.

I have quizzed my friends in the local SCA group about it. They were all blandly confused as to why I was asking. My friends at church were surprised. My family? No, I didn't even bother asking them. Anyway, whoever the generous donor is: Thank you! The cats love it!

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