Friday, September 08, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crusades...

This past weekend was Labor Day Weekend. That is the traditional weekend for Castel Rouge's Gimli event. Castel Rouge is a barony in the Kingdom of Northshield, but you may recognize it more easily as Winnipeg Manitoba. Gimli is a small town on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. I've been attending the Gimli event almost every year since I joined the SCA. It is a relaxed event. There's a schedule that no one pays a lot of attention to. Friday night is given over to an after dark Baronial War Court and then we go down to the lake and shoot fire arrows over the water. We admire the Northern Lights that often make an appearance. We sleep in on Saturday morning, have brunch, wander around visiting friends, sitting on blankets, working on portable projects like embroidery or knitting or card weaving. After a while the fighters get into armor and fight for fun. There's archery, and classes and lots of down time to lay on a blanket under a tree and read or chat. If Royalty is there (most years, there is royalty) we will have court. There's a three hour long feast after that, and then people get down to partying. On Sunday we sleep late, have brunch, do archery, fighting, reading and sleeping. Monday we pack and head out.

This year on Friday night we had a little Harry Potter jeopardy game. The winner was Duke Tarrach alfson, who won a pair of hastily knit Slytherin socks. Well, not really Slytherin socks, just socks in green and white sripes. See the picture? He' s proud of those socks! he wore them all weekend!

This year a friend of mine, known in the Society as Hrodir Vigaggeir Toreson, was Knighted. This is a very big deal. The King had put him "on Vigil" back in May. Usually a peer-to-be is put on vigil and then knighted in only a Mmnth or less. But Hrodier wanted to be knighted in Castel Rouge, where he had spent alot of time and had lots of good friends. It was a moving ceremony. Hearing so many well respected people speak in his favor made me cry.

It was a really good weekend, even tho I picked up a little 24 hour stomach bug. But I'm really glad to have this weekend off, with nowhere that I have to go.

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