Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Love My Job...Not

Well, as of Monday September 18 I have been training for my new position. Management thinks the transisition is going very smoothly. Are they nuts? I just hope the system works better in live mode than testing mode. I just learned how to do my main job function yesterday. Well, learned it is a bit of a stretch. I learned how it's supposed to be done, just not how to do it. And starting in two days I will be doing this for real.

We have a person whose job title is Trainer. That's good, since we're all training for jobs we've never done in the new system. I've met her a couple times... We hadn't had any actual training until yesterday. For the first week and a half we were told where to find the manuals on the internal computer library, and that we should be studying these. The Trainer wrote up some quizzes for us to take. Open book. Yay! We can look in the manual for the answers. Of course, the manuals are over 2000 pages long, so it's kind of hard to look up the answers to these questions. I'm feeling supremely well trained, can you tell?

They are still constructing the new office around us. Hammers pounding. Power tools grinding away. Sawdust floating in the air does nothing for my allergies. I have a headache. My back hurts. I'm crabby and short tempered, and would give ten years of my life to be able to go home and forget that there is such a thing as Medicare DME.

OK. Done being crabby now.

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