Saturday, September 30, 2006


Okay, next entry in the dress diary. Last weekend I made the underskirt. I had only two yards of the lovely sea foam green satin, so I made the front panel out of that, and the back panel, which will be under the skirt of the dress, out of a dark green cotton sateen. I decided to make a regular waistband with hooks and eyes instead of the drawstring waistband I usually use for costumes. Elastic begins to droop after a while and although a drawstring allows for a fit of a variety of sizes, they usually come untied at one point or another and it's kind of a pain to hike your overskirt up to re-tie it. So, like I said, I'm going with hooks and eyes spaced over the side fastening. It will fit a waist measurement from 29" to 32". Maybe even a little bigger, if a safety pin is sued. The bodice of the dress is going to lace up the front, and if it isn't laced all the way closed it will fit up to a 34" waist.

I really like the way the light hits the satin. It gleams so nicely and looks so rich. The color makes me want to call this dress the "Sea Maiden's Gown" or maybe the "Mermaid Dress."

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