Monday, December 18, 2006

Coffee, Not So Good The 2nd Time Around...

Last Saturday (December 9) I was stricken by the stomach plague that's been going around. I got to work at about 7:00 and got a cup of coffee. Now that winter's here (well, it's pretty warm for December, but it's still winter) I really enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning. My tummy was a bit uneasy, but the night before I'd been a chaperone at the youth movie night at church and I had eaten quite a bit more than I was used to, so I figured that was it.

No. At 8:00 I left and got home just in time to experience the joy of tasting that cup of coffee going the other way. Wow. Every time I threw up that day and the next I tasted that coffee. Strangely enough, I haven't had coffee in the past week. I did get a cup this morning at work. I even had a couple sips. But instead of tasting like coffee it tasted like... Well, you can imagine what I tasted. Yuck.

I really hope I get past this soon. I enjoy coffee. But when I was 8 I threw up Rocky Road ice cream. Can't stand it to this day. Sigh. Coffee can not be permitted to go the same way.

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