Friday, December 29, 2006

Water Lillies Washing Up on the Shore of My Sanity

This is the afghan I made for my sister as a housewarming present. She and her husband bought a house last summer. I didn't have it done in time for that, and I stupidly put it aside, figuring that I would get it done for when I would go down to visit in September. Yeah, right. Well, I could always give it to them at Christmas...

Around December 10 I suddenly realized that I had to have the afghan done in only two weeks! Yikes! I still had 12 blocks to make, then I would have to sew the blocks together and put the border around it. I stayed up until midnight most nights of that last week, and finished the border in the car down to the Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul are called simply "the Cities" here, as if there were no other cities in the country).

There were many times in that week when I thought I was losing my mind. That's why I've named this afghan Water Lillies Washing Up On the Shores of My Sanity. But it's done! And it looks rather nice if I do say so myself. It looks so tranquil compared to my feelings when making it!

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