Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Year's Resolution: No More Projects With Deadlines

Well, I've been plugging away at these socks. I was going to give them to my friend for her birthday, which was before Christmas. Obviously, I missed that deadline, mostly because I was working on that crazy afghan for my sister. But I figured it would be alright. I could finish them up in time for 12th Night. Well... nope. See a pattern here? Yeah, so I have made a resolution for 2007: No more making birthday presents, housewarming gifts, Christmas pressents!!! I will make things that I want to make for people I love. But I will not plan to have them done by a certain date!!!

But these socks are beautiful, and so soft, and so warm. I'm sure Fina will love them. Next summer sometime when it's 85 degrees in the shade. :)

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NancyMaria said...

Beautiful socks! Love the pattern you used!