Friday, January 26, 2007

Sally Watson, Where Are You?

When I was growing up back in the '60s and '70s, I loved to read. Somehow I managed to get through school even tho I usually had a "fun" book hidden inside the text book I was supposed to be paying attention to. Or maybe that was the reason I managed to get through school. One of my favorite authors was (and, really, still is) Sally Watson. She wrote historical fiction books like Jade, Lark, Linnet, Witch of the Glen and others I can't remember the titles of right now. Those books are probably the reason I got a BA in History. I loved those books. In fact, I have several, and when I've had a really long day at work and I just want to relax I grab one of those and re-read. It's like visiting an old friend that you haven't seen for a while.

Do you do that? Do you find a book that was a childhood favorite and treasure it? Of course, sometimes you find an old favorite and when you re-read it you find that either your reading tastes have really changed or the book just didn't live up to your memory. Sad.

I haven't found an author like Sally Watson in a long time. A lot of the Young Adult books out today are really good. I love Stephenie Meyer's series about Bella and Edward. And anything by Tamora Pierce is a keeper for me. But too many books are full of teenaged angst. Children trying to make their way out of a broken home, tormented by alcoholic parents and no way out. is there any hope? Those kinds of books are just too much work for me to enjoy. Even worse, though, are the Girl meets Boy stories. Girl has a pimple. Will he ask her out anyway? I'm sure they are very well written, but I'm past that in my life, and I don't really want to go back to it.

So where are the simple historical fiction books like Sally Watson's?


Day said...

I have never heard of Sally Watson. I agree with you on so many points in this entry!

Anonymous said...

You know these are back in print, right?

(If not, see 0

They were favorites of my adolescent years as well, and I was thrilled to be able to get them for my daughter, now almost 16. I think The Hornet's Nest was my favorite.

- Cho

jade said...

so funny, when I was young in the 70s I didn't know anyone else who read Sally Watson but I did and reread them over and over (and am also a history nut because of it). Now she seems to have a cult following amongst middle-aged and 30-something women.

I had the joy of turning my 11-year-old daughter by having her read Jade this winter. Now she can't wait for the next one.

Another convert! How great is that?

Anonymous said...

Day - go pull one of these from your library if you have to special order it - Instant HOOKED! Sally's children's books had legs because they were among the ONLY strong independent female character books of the time period... AND darn good reading at the same time! Robert Heilien was bout the only other author sellting such a radical concept! Sally's fan club reaches back to those of us in our late 40's and up... It infuriates Sally that her old library hardcovers are running a minimum of $80oo to $1,250oo !! Buy new and help support Sally's Cats!

Anonymous said...

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KerStitch said...

Hi! I'm a big fan of Sally Watson too. I was given Jade when it was discarded by our local library when I was about 11 and it's still one of my favourite books. I thought you might like to know that I've recently created a web site for Sally: with info. on her older and current books.

Martha A. said...

I know this an old post!!! But I loved Sally WAtson's books, especially Jade!!! My favorite book!