Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Neighbors

Now that the weather's nice, my upstairs neighbors enjoy sitting on their balcony and chatting and smoking. The balcony is about 10 feet from my bedroom window, and as I lay in bed trying to sleep their laughter and voices keep me awake. They are not being rowdy, or even shouting. But the way the buildings sit cause the noise to be magnified like in an ampitheater. Last week I stamped out in my robe and bare feet and asked them to take it inside. They were very nice, thanking me for letting them know and going inside. I think they're trying to keep their voices down tonight, but it is nearly 10:30 at night. I work at 7am, so my alarm clock goes off at 5:30. I should be sleeping now. I think asking them to go inside after 10pm is reasonable, don't you?

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