Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stars & Moons Socks

Well, have you ever had a pattern that you loved the look of and hated to actually knit? This is that pattern for me. The first sock went a bit slow -I find that although I like the look of multi color/multi yarn patterns I tend to go real slow at them, since I can't seem to use both hands for working the yarn. But the first sock was finished fairly easily. So explain to me, then, why I've had to frog this one THREE freaking times?! First I had cast on the wrong number of stitches and didn't figure it out until I began the scattered dots. Spit. Start over. Then I got as far as the second set of gold stripes and realised that I had only done 1 gold stripe at the top. Spit. Frog back to the ribbing. THEN, wen I had re-knit that section and began the stars I saw that I had miscounted and one set of stars would overlap into the next. Well, double spit! I briefly considered letting that happen. But these are a gift for a dear friend. I want them perfe--well, as good as I can make them. So I frogged again. Now I'm afraid to touch them...
The weather is cold, windy and rainy. My favorite weather! Seriously. It's perfect for staying in and knitting or reading while drinking coffee and listening to favorite music. Happy sigh. Three whole days off! And Sunday School is finished fior the year so I don't have to get up too early tomorrow! I'm having a wonderful weekend!

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