Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Too Hot To Wear Wool Socks

I finished Typhaine's Stars & Moons socks last month, but I haven't sent them to her because it's just too darn hot to be wearing them. I think they turned out nicely.

I'll start Mai's socks in a few weeks, after I've finished a cute little cotton sweater for Landra. I've got the niftiest wool and cashmere blend for socks for Mai and Lusche. They'll be twins!

I'd managed cut down down on my UFOs (unfinished objects). See the knitted belted red and black bag?

But that was until I got bit by the sweater bug. Now I'm working on a top down raglan sleeve sweater for my mom, and a baby sweater for little Landra, and I've got a nice royal blue tank top planned for me. I received the sport weight Shine cotton yarn I ordered from KnitPicks for that. But I better put that off and start on Christmas and 12th Night gifts. Here's the back of Landra's sweater. I love the feel of this yarn. It's so soft I want a sweater made out of it!
Tomorrow I'm going first to the Red hawks baseball game with my brothers. Then I'm going directly to the Jazz in the Park Concert. I just need to decide which knitting project to take with me...


Daye said...

Jane's socks rock! strong work.

Daye said...

hey---updates on the new job???

Knitman said...

The stars and moon socks are very smart.