Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My New Job

So... I started my new job as Process Analyst within the same team at Medicare DME on Monday. It's been... interesting.

First of all, my access to the computer systems was changed so I could access more systems. Unfortunately, a goof was made, and I had no access to adjust claims at all. It took them two days to fix that. Since the other regular corr girl is on vacation this week I have to learn my new job and continue to do my old job. Of course, that's pretty tricky if you can't use the computer. On Tuesday morning I was hustled into a company wide meeting for writing documentation. It will be a year long project, and the group had begun their training last week. I had been told that I would be working with that. But since I had missed the previous training meeting I was totally lost. Way to make a good impression, huh? I'd like to blame my team leader for not sending me to the training even tho I wasn't officially in my position yet, but I suppose she has to follow the rules. Got access for the computer back today. Gee, I'm only about a week's worth of work behind, plus I have my new job to learn... Tomorrow I get to go to another meeting that is run by someone who really doesn't like me. I bet I'll have a lot of fun there.

I'm figuring that I'll end up really enjoying this new job. Once things get settled down I'll catch up on what I'm supposed to be doing. Meanwhile, I really need to knit. And maybe spin a bit too. I want to make a baby sweater out of this really nice alpaca top that I have half spun up. A baby girl can wear brown can't she? You betcha.

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