Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Coronation was a great event for me. I got to see friends I don't see often like Petey and Daye, and I got to meet some new fun people like Carol (Sigred?)and Sionach (spelling on that last name is off, I'm sure). Before morning court actually got started I showed Sionach how to spin. She had some lovely wool and a nice top whorl spindle. She picked up spinning very quickly. It wasn't until the peers went to swear fealty to the new royals that I realized she was a laurel. She was very easy to talk to. I hope I get to see more of her. During morning court I saw that Carol had brought out her knitting, so I got my Ugly Sock project out to work on.
Speaking of socks! I brought the socks I had knitted for Lusche and gave them to her. She was gracious about it. She made me feel really appreciated. It's nice when someone is like that when you give them something you spent hours on. All of my SCA friends ahd been very nice about the socks I've made for them.

I got to talk to almost everybody I had wanted to. It's funny, but I see my local friends more often at events than I do at home. I went out to lunch with Una, Toramassa, Giulia and Meredith. Meredith's new baby is a doll.
For supper Christiana and I went out to Perkins. It was really great to spend some time with her. She's one of those humble people who does more than her fair share of the work, but only says that she enjoys it.
After we finished we went back to site and sat with Darcy and Isabel while they were finishing up the last remove of feast. Christiana hadn't met them before. I'm so glad they were able to come. It was a really small turn out for Kingsom event, but with the cost of gas, I suppose that's normal. Darcy is looking really good. He's considering a Norman/Saxon persona

All in all, it was a wonderful event, and thank goodness I was feeling well enough to participate and visit with friends. My next event will be Crown in Midewinde, thanks to Hrodir helping me financially.

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