Friday, September 05, 2008

Long Time, No Write

Yep, summer is finally coming to a close. Yay! I'm probably in a very small minority, but I don't like summer. I want cool weather, the kind when you want to curl under an afghan while you read or watch TV.

What's going on with me right now?

1. I had a root canal on Tuesday. Feels much better now.

2. Caught a cold on Monday and although I forced myself to go to work Wed and Thursday I let myself go home early today.

3. A bag that I knitted for my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap was selected to appear on Knitting Daily TV. Unfortunatey I had to decline because I gave the bag away and don't have it to send. The bag was meant to be a "Hufflepuff" sock knitting bag. See?

4. In order to comfort myself after the root canal I went to the yarn shop and spent too much money.

5. Since I wasn't able to attend Gimli (thank you very much, rotten tooth) I will be able to go to Coronation. Can't decide if I should wear my Japanese or if I should wear the Byzantine. The new king has a japanese persona. I should wear japanese. If I wear Japanese it would not be correct to wear the baronial coronet. But this is coronation. The coronet is part of the pageantry of the day. Besides *thrust lower lip out* I want to wear the coronet!

Off to drink Nyquil and nap.

1 comment:

setembrina said...

how can you spend too much money on yarn? it is an investment!!

think of it like wine can never go bad....