Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Usual Crap

I have been sick since Wednesday. Sore throat turned into a nasty cough (yes, instant replay of the week after Labor Day) and headache and really bad raspy breathing. My inhaler doesn't work and neither does the Singulair. I sound like I'm gargling gravel in my chest when I breathe. On Thursday afternoon my boss told me to Go Home. I called my doctor's office, but she had no openings until the following week. Sad, isn't it, when your primary care physician can't see you? Why are they called "primary care" when you end up only seeing them for your annual physical? Anyway, I went to the walk in clinic and they said, of course, sino-bronchitis and borderline pneumonia. I got a Z-pack and the cough syrup and took them religiously. Went to work the next morning and made it for an hour. My stomach was violently unhappy. After breaking into a sweat, swallowing a sudden flood of hot saliva and heaving fruitlessly into my wastebasket I gave up and went home. I hadn't been eating much of anything for a couple days and I think the codeine-ated cough syrup made me sick. I quit taking it. I'd rather cough than barf. But it would be nice to lay down and not cough, I admit. The nausea persisted for about 20 hours. Yuck. Give me pain any day. On Saturday night my temp was 103.4. I called the clinic hotline and asked if that was really bad. I was told to monitor my temp carefully and if it went up anymore to come in right away. And to drink lots of water and rest. Yada-yada. I didn't even go to church this morning. I'm a Sunday School teacher. One of these Sundays I'm going to have to go to church and teach, huh? I didn't go to my Sunday afternoon knitting group, either. I'm not going to work tomorrow. Where I work we get our birthday off with pay. Good. I won't have to take any vacation time tomorrow. Happy birthday to me.

I think I may be on the mend now. I made supper and ate a healthy portion. It's the first day I've eaten much of anything since Wednesday. I dropped almost 6 pounds in the last 5 days. I've been awake for several hours at a stretch too. My temp is hovering around 100.8. I cast on a hat for one of the evil aunties. I changed my sheets. See? On the mend.

And the kitties have been very solicitous. They sleep right alongside me and keep the bed warm when I get up to take another hit off my inhaler or get a drink of water. Ain't they sweet?

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Ellen said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! I am sorry to hear that you'll be spending it sick but maybe you can dream of knitting.