Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baronesa Maria Maddalena da Monreale, landless trash

This past weekend was the Coronation of Hrodir and Giulia. They have been friends of mine since my earliest days in the SCA. Hrodir is like a brother to me, only better, because we don't fight, and Giulia and I both have a love for fiber arts. When I grow up I want to knit like her. I got to go to the event, and I had a wonderful time.
I saw Mairghread laurelled in beautiful ceremony with Auntie El doing a bit of poetry. Niklos chose to take the white baldric of a Master of Arms instead of Knight, also in a moving ceremony. Gwyneth and Zig stepped down as king and queen and then G got all painted up and trick up as a Pict warrior woman--what fun! I got to see a bunch of friends that I don't see all the time, like Daye and Pete, and the gals from Castel Rouge, and I saw the folks I should be able to see all the time but haven't since I'm working so much. I saw Ceri and Tarik, Lusche, Giovanna, and Thunderbunny and Astrid, and Greta and tons more. It was so good to see them. I had a hotel room with the Castel Rouge gals. We had such fun! I showed Typhaine the Moons and Stars socks I'm knitting for her, and she seemed pleased with them.
And a shocking thing happened. Hrodir and Giulia made me a baroness of their court. When I first was called into court I wondered what on earth it was about. Some of Hrodir's famous schtick? A quest? I was nervous. I didn't know WHAT to expect. When I finally figured out that I was being made a baroness I started to cry and couldn't stop. I think Giulia was crying too. When they told me to turn around and look at the populace all I saw was a blur of faces until my eyes fixed ion my friend Daye. She was crying too, which made me smile while I was crying.

So now I have a shiny hat to wear to events. Part of me is squirming with delight over it, and part of me feels like I really shouldn't have it because I don't deserve it. I don't remember exactly what i said while I was kneeling in front of Hrodir and Giulia but I think it was something like: "You shouldn't do this. I haven't earned it."

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Knit-Knot said...

We think you have earned it - and we're the ones who count (this time anyway)