Sunday, April 08, 2007

OK, I've decided...

...on the Black Linen French/Spanish 1500 gown and hood to wear to Coronation next weekend. Here are the pictures that were my inspiration for the outfit: Anne of Brittany, twice Queen of France on the left and Katherine of Aragon, the 1st wife of Henry VIII on the right. I believe these both date from approx 1490 - 1505. Since I'm a middle aged woman of no particularly high rank I think I can get away with linen (although, really, for a high court event like Coronation even a lower noble like myself would have commissioned a gown in silk or velvet.) and only a nice embroidered tape instead of pearls or gold at the neck of the gown. Still, my dress is pretty nice and I think the early version of the French hood is pretty good. Wearing the thing all day will be a trial. I can't hear a thing with that silly thing on my head. How did they stand it back then?!!

The gown actually looks better on me than on the mannequin, but I still have some more to do before
it's ready. I need to do something about a belt. And I think I have to make an appropriate under gown (kirtle) in gold linen so as to celebrate Northshield colors) in order to fill in the neck and make the skirt look more full and drapey. However, I do not have any gold linen, and my rule is to Not Buy Any New Fabric this year. I do have a nice selection of heavy upholstery weight brocades, but for this I want something fairly thin. I have a raw silk that might work, but it is black, and I wanted a contrast. Or there is that gold silk satin, but I was planning that for the under kirtle for the spanish loose gown I want to make. Besides, it's too expensive to be not seen. So... That means I will use the black raw silk and buy just a teeny bit of something gold to edge the neck and sleeves of the under kirtle to create a nice contrast. Not ribbon. That would be too expensive. So that means I will look at the silky brocades that are out right now in the shops for wedding/prom dresses and turn it into bias tape to decorate the edges of my under kirtle.
Gosh, I thought this would be quick! I'll have to shop Monday, sew like crazy the rest of the week to make another gown. Blast! Maybe I could get by without the under dress...?

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