Monday, April 09, 2007

OK. Plan B

I went to two fabric stores today looking for either gold or burgundy linen or nice cotton to make a new under kirtle for that early Tudor gown. Blast. Couldn't find anything. It seems like all the linen was decorated with bows or had cute flowers woven into it. Might be cute for a mundane dress... if I ever sewed mundanely. Just as well, I guess, since I wasn't supposed to buy anything new anyway. Went home and looked at that black raw silk again. No. Wouldn't work. Too light and almost gauzy. I wanted an underdress like the one worn here by Margarethe of Austria. Oh, well. Let's check the stash once more in case something might jump out at me. What did I already have for linen? Hm. Choice between hot pink or white. Well... Maybe I don't absolutely have to have a new kirtle. I think it's time I made myself a new square necked shift. I got three yards of the white linen washed and cut out tonight while I listened to the MN Twins lose. Tomorrow I'll sew it together, leaving the rest of the week (Wednesday and Thursday) to add a little simple embroidery to the neck edge. I'll post when I'm done.

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Daye said...

you will be beautiful--that hood is amazing!